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5 things to do in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is absolutely breathtaking! North or south, east or west; wherever you go, amazing experiences await you. But what should you see and do? Below are 5 travel tips on things to do in Sri Lanka! 1. A taste of Sri Lanka One of the things Sri Lanka is best known for is its [...]
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Guide to tipping in Asia
For most of us, tipping is something of a minefield when we’re out travelling. When are you actually supposed to leave a tip? Where & when should you tip? On the whole, it’s incredibly difficult to say what the set rules are for tipping. Tipping largely depends on where you travel to in Asia and [...]
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Tokyo featured
Guide to the cherry blossom in Japan
Japan is a country with a culture quite unlike the culture in the UK, offering a hotchpotch of culture and high technology. Geishas and tea ceremonies combined with high-speed trains and dazzling, colourful buildings. The nature in Japan is unrivalled, and when the cherry blossom is in full bloom, it’s breathtaking! The cherry blossom bathes [...]
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Chinese New Year featured
Chinese New Year
In the lead-up to a new year in China, you will be in no doubt about what that year is. The shops will be bursting with items that represent the coming year’s animal sign. This year – 2018 – is the Year of the Dog. Metre upon metre of shelf space is also dedicated to [...]
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Things we want to see & do in Asia in 2018
The new year is approaching, and that means it’s time to plan what we want to see and do in Asia in the coming year. Asia is enchanting and addictive with its buzzing cosmopolitans, UNESCO sights, exciting cultures and a wealth of scenic outdoor experiences. We’ve compiled our own travel bucket list for 2018 – [...]
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