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Asia with kids

02 March, 2018
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mom and son on a beach

Fabulous sandy beaches, good food and lovely, helpful locals.

These are just some of the ingredients of a holiday in Asia – South-east Asia in particular.

You will find experiences here for the whole family, whether it’s culture you’re after, or nature and relaxation are the order of the day.

So if you have long dreamt of travelling with your kids, this is the perfect continent for you.

Read below for tips and tricks on travelling with children in this part of the world. You will also find recommendations for the perfect Asian destinations for your family holiday and seven tips on the best holiday with kids.

Why travel with children?

Father and son - sunset in Thailand

Travelling with children is nothing less than life-affirming.

Visiting countries that differ from our own in terms of their culture, history and nature is especially eye-opening.

For children and adults alike.

A travel experience such as these is an excellent opportunity to talk about different cultures, why we look different and all the other things that children ask about.

The unabashed nature of children also opens up the opportunity for you to enjoy unique contact with the locals – contact that, as an adult, you are unlikely to experience in the same way.

And even though travelling with your children can also be hard work, it’s worth it.

Child-friendly destinations in Asia

Many of the Asian countries are ideal for a family holiday. And South-east Asia is particularly child-friendly.

We’ve selected three South-east Asian destinations that are perfect for giving the whole family the experience of a lifetime.

Warm-hearted Thailand

Khao Sok Thailand

Thailand is the ultimate holiday destination for children.

The Thais love children. The beaches on the innumerable islands and along the coast are child-friendly. The nature is wonderful, and the children can become acquainted with a different, colourful culture. Discover, for example, the lovely beaches and beautiful scenery of Khao Lak, where you are between the fabulous blue sea and the lush rainforest, Khao Sok.

But Thailand also offers unique experiences, where you can discover Thai culture first hand. You can, for example, visit one of the amazing Buddhist temples which mean a lot in Thailand, where around 95% of the people are Buddhists. The monks are important in Thailand and have special status, as you will see when you are there.

You can also visit the famous Long Neck tribe, with their distinctive brass rings around their necks.

Thailand is an easy travel destination for families with children. The sweet locals, the lovely food, the beautiful beaches and the simple way of life make the Thailand the perfect family destination.

Breathtaking Bali

father and daugter at a temple in Bali

A holiday in Bali with your kids is a wonderful experience.

The country offers outstanding scenery, fascinating culture, beautiful beaches and exciting wildlife for all ages. And the short distances between the sights make the country perfect for a family holiday.

The locals like children and will do everything they can to give you a family holiday you’ll never forget.

Ubud and its surrounding area are a mecca for handicrafts. Each village is known for a special material, and you will see beautiful craftsmanship in wood, stone and silver.

If the little ones have always dreamt of seeing dolphins, this may also be possible. Dolphin watching in Lovina is a wonderful experience. You will sail out in the early hours of the morning and hopefully see the playful, wide-awake dolphins in the water while the sun rises over the horizon.

On a tour to Bali, be sure not miss the wonderful temples. Bali, which is known as the island of a thousand temples, has the most beautiful temples, one of which is Ulun Danu. Surrounded by water, the temple is incredibly beautiful.

But essential ingredients of any family holiday are beach and water. And Bali offers plenty of that. The island has lots of amazing beach holiday experiences, so the Indonesian island excels in that department, too.

Bali offers countless experiences for the whole family – so what’s keeping you?

Wonderful Sri Lanka

family on safari in udawalawe national park

A tour to Sri Lanka is perfect with kids as the country offers a wealth of child-friendly experiences.

Besides the sights, the distance between them is also doable, making it ideal for young children.

The locals welcome the whole family with open arms, helping to make the country even more of a wonderful family holiday destination.

Cultural experiences, abundant flora and fauna and stunning beaches are just some of the experiences that await you.

If the whole family is into both stunning scenery and an active holiday, this can be combined. The child-friendly Mini Adams Peak in Ella offers beautiful scenery and sweat on the brow. The view from the top is worth every step of the climb, and it gives the kids a wonderful sense of achievement to reach the top.

Another unique nature and wildlife experience is a trip to Yala National Park, Sri Lanka’s oldest national park. The park is home to more than 215 bird species and 44 different types of mammals, including elephants, crocodiles, monkeys and leopards. There is every opportunity for you to see a whole host of exciting animals at close range.

Countless family-friendly experiences await you in Sri Lanka. It’s a wonderful family holiday destination, promising experiences of a lifetime.

Seven tips for holidays with kids

elephant family in sri lanka

1) Allowing plenty of time is important

When holidaying with young children, you should bear in mind that it takes time to get from A to B. So, it’s a good idea to set off in good time, whether you’re heading to an attraction or the airport.

2) Book your tour in advance

The degree of spontaneity on a family holiday is just not the same as when travelling as a couple. So, it’s a good idea to book a package tour, where the transportation and excursions are all organised for you. This allows you to focus on the most important thing: having a wonderful family holiday.

3) Bring food with you in your bag

An important ingredient for the holiday is food. The grumpiest of frowns can usually be turned upside down with little energy boost. Carry some snacks such as bananas, nuts and biscuits in your backpack. And don’t forget water! It’s worth its weight in gold when their blood sugar takes a dive.

4) Bring travel games with you

If the flight is delayed or the journey becomes boring, it’s a good idea to have some travel games or a game console with you. The games provide a much needed break for children and adults alike. You can also buy a camera for the kids, so they can snap memories for the photo album.

5) Bring out the poet in older children

On a holiday to the amazing East, you will experience a lot of new things. Buy some postcards from the places you visit, and let the older kids write about their experiences on the back. This provides some unique descriptions of the experiences you’ve enjoyed on your family adventure.

6) Bring medicines with you

Unfortunately, it does happen that people get sick or hurt themselves on holiday. So it’s a good idea to bring basic travel medications with you from home. Medicines such as headache pills and pills against diarrhoea are good basic medicines. For those scrapes and grazes, it’s also a good idea to have antiseptic hand spray, bandages and plasters with you.

7) Travel while you can

Make sure that you travel with your children while you can. They grow up before you know it, and travelling with children gives the whole family a whole host of shared experiences, bringing it together. Travelling with your children is a truly precious experience, so seize the opportunity while you can.

It is incredibly enriching, not to mention hard at times, but most of all, you will enjoy the family experience of a lifetime, which you can look back on again and again.

Childfriendly tours

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