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Bayon Temple

Like you, we love travelling! So we’d just like to remind you that you are a guest in Asia. And by following a few rules, both you and the people in the countries you visit will enjoy a positive experience:

Familiarise yourself with the culture of the country

Before setting off on your travels, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the culture, etiquette and customs of the country you will be visiting.

Show respect to the local people and their culture, which can differ greatly from the UK.
When you visit sacred sites such as ruins and temples, remember to take off your shoes and cover your shoulders and knees. You should also avoid touching monuments and statues, and turning your back on Buddha statues, especially when taking pictures.

Ask before taking pictures

We all want to take unique and authentic photos home with us from a wonderful holiday. In some places, you will get close to the people and their homes. Remember to ask for permission before taking pictures. If you ask with a smile, the answer will almost always be yes.

Be fair when you shop

It’s always nice to pick up a bargain in the Asian markets. And it’s no secret that the vendors sometimes try to overcharge for their wares. You can always haggle, but remember to be fair. £1 is worth more to the vendor than it is to you.

Finally: A smile will get you far – it’s a universal language, understood by everyone.

We wish you a wonderful holiday in Asia!

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