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Sulawesi tours

A tour to Sulawesi offers unspoilt nature, culture and traditional, exotic locals.

The adventurous souls who find their way here will be coming to an island that very few have ever visited. And they won’t be disappointed.

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Why should you holiday in Sulawesi?

North-east of Bali you will find Sulawesi, the world’s 11th largest island. The wonderfully-shaped island is home to a diversity without equal.

Few people visit Sulawesi, but the adventurers who do can enjoy beautiful scenery and some of Indonesia’s most fascinating and exotic tribes. Sulawesi is quite unique, and you would be forgiven for thinking that you have left the modern world.

Our tour

Below, you can read more about the experiences that await you in Sulawesi.

Tana Toraja

In the south, you will find one of the most beautiful areas of Sulawesi, Tana Toraja, a mountainous area located at an altitude of 800 metres that captivates its visitors with small villages and rolling rice fields. The area abounds with lush nature with deep valleys, high mountains, picturesque rice fields and, not least, traditional cultures.

In the highlands, you can meet the Toraja people, who are descendants of boat people. When they settled down on the island, they continued to live in their boats. They later built houses, but the houses retained the appearance of boats with their boat-shaped roofs.

The Toraja people are also known for their different funeral rites and ceremonies, e.g. sacrifices of water buffalo and hanging coffins.

At Lemo, you can see the human-like, Tau Tau, figures guarding the tombs on small balconies in front of the tombs on the cliff sides. And in the 400-year-old village of Kete Kesu, which is said to have the most well-preserved culture and funeral rites in the whole of Toraja, you can experience the hanging coffins.

Visit the local Kajang tribe

In Tanjung Bira, you can visit the local Kajang tribe. The tribal people live in the forest and are ruled by the animistic belief that animals, plants and non-living beings have a soul.

The tribe lives in the forest, isolated from the rest of the inhabitants of the Bulukumba area. Electricity and vehicles are not allowed here, so you arrive at the village on foot.

One of the characteristics of the Kajang tribe is that they only wear black. It is the first colour you see when lying in your mother’s belly, and the last one you see before leaving this world again.


In southern Sulawesi, you will find the small town of Sengkang, which is a great base for more experiences.

You might like to visit a weaving centre where you can watch women hand-weaving the traditional, colourful Bugis silk.

Close to Sengkang, you will also find Tempe Lake. Sail out on the lake and gain an insight into the everyday life of fishermen. The fishermen live in floating houses on the lake, which is a fascinating sight. The lake is also a great place for birdwatching.

Want to know more about Sulawesi?

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