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Far East Holidays & Tours

We are specialists in holidays to the Far East and offer popular holiday destinations in East and South-east Asia.

Read more about our destinations below:

Our holiday destinations in East and South-east Asia

Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka is located in the south of Asia, south-east of India. Despite its small size, Sri Lanka is a country offering countless amazing experiences.

It has beautiful ruins & interesting history, captivating religion & culture, beautiful scenery & wild nature, and wonderful, endless beaches.

We offer six different tours to Sri Lanka, including a child-friendly holiday and an active holiday.

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Bali is one of the highlights of South-east Asia and one the most interesting Indonesian islands.

Bali offers majestic scenery, beautiful temples and endless paradise beaches. The perfect combination of experiences and relaxation await you here.

We offer six different tours to Bali, one of which is combined with another Indonesian island, Java.

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In addition to Bali, the Indonesian island nations offers other fascinating islands, including Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi.

In Indonesia, you will find towering volcanoes, beautiful temples, exciting cultures, interesting wildlife and wonderful tropical beaches.

We offer a total of eight different tours to Indonesia, including a combination tour combining Java and Bali.

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Thailand is located in South-east Asia between Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, a fantastic travel destination with a smiling, welcoming population.

Experiences you can enjoy here include amazing scenery, exciting big cities and endless beaches, which are perfect for a relaxing beach holiday to round it all off with.

We currently offer six different tours to Thailand.

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Vietnam, located in South-east Asia, south of China and east of Cambodia and Laos, is beautiful from north to south.

Vietnam is a modern and historic country at the same time. It is a country of immense beauty, where you will experience great diversity in its culture, history and nature.

We offer eight different tours to Vietnam, one of which is combined with Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and one that combines Vietnam with Cambodia and Laos (together the former Indochina).

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Japan in East Asia is a fantastic travel destination where you will experience immense contrasts between old and new.

You will find a melting pot of hyper-modern cities of millions juxtaposed with traditional cultures and sights.

We offer four different tours in Japan, giving you an opportunity to experience Japan’s famous and not-so-famous gems.

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China is located in East Asia and is the world’s most populous country, not to mention one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations.

The country abounds with sights and attractions. Discover historic cities, priceless cultural treasures, beautiful scenery and lots of UNESCO-protected sights.

We offer four different trips to China, taking you to China’s biggest and most interesting experiences.

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Cambodia, located in South-east Asia between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, is a historically fascinating country offering some of the world’s biggest sights and attractions.

In Cambodia, you will find legendary ruins and cultural treasures, beautiful colonial buildings and sights from the country’s more recent but dramatic history.

We offer three different tours to Cambodia, one of which is combined with Vietnam, and another which combines Cambodia with Vietnam and Laos.

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West of Thailand and south of China, you will find the south-east Asian gem of Myanmar, which is still a relatively new travel destination.

Myanmar, or Burma, is an unspoilt country oozing colourful Buddhist culture, untouched landscapes and an interesting history. Travel to Myanmar before it really becomes part of the modern world.

We offer three different tours to Myanmar/Burma.

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Laos is located in South-east Asia between five of our other Asian travel destinations, and is South-east Asia’s “quiet” country.

A tour to Laos is a journey to traditional, authentic Asia, where a relaxed atmosphere still reigns. Fairytale landscapes, quiet towns and mystical sights and attractions await you.

We offer two tours to Laos, one of which is a tour to the former Indochina: Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

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