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temple of bali

Bali Tours

Bali, which is known as the Island of the Gods, is one of Indonesia’s most exciting islands, where you enjoy the perfect combination of breathtaking scenery, unique culture and paradise beaches. Check out all our tours to Bali here.

orangutang in sumatra

Sumatra tours

Sumatra is Indonesia’s largest island, where you can experience UNESCO-protected rainforests inhabited by the rare Sumatra orangutan, traditional-rich cultures and wonderful palm beaches. Check out our tours here!

Java borobudur

Java Tours

Java is an island in the Indonesian archipelago. Discover Java’s world-famous Buddhist and Hindu temples, charming towns and cities and unique volcanic landscape. Check out our holiday to Java here!

tana toraja sulawesi

Sulawesi tours

On the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, you can experience unspoilt nature, culture and traditional and exotic locals. Visit an island that few have visited before you! Check out our tour to Sulawesi here.